One team, one family!

Eric Lacroix, CEO

Founder and visionary, Eric is the pillar of the company. He does it all: software development, marketing and customer experience strategies.

Alexandre Lacroix, Project manager

Alex loves a challenge. With several years' experience as a salesman in the office furniture industry behind him, Alex has put his own stamp on the business and welcomes you to the showroom under the expert guidance of his father.

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Profils recherchés:

Stagiaire, Architecte d'intérieur, Commercial, e-business

Nous sommes à la recherche d'un élément supplémentaire dans notre équipe qui sera formé et mis sur le terrain. Nous cherchons un profil dynamique et qui n'a pas peur de prendre des initiative. 

Business developer

Nous sommes à la recherche d'une personne capable de comprendre nos produits et qui puisse développer notre clientèle.

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Within the CEKA Belgium family business, a particularly notable two-person team is made up of a father and son. This dynamic team combines the proven experience of the father with the innovative and energetic outlook of the son. Their collaboration within the company creates a unique synergy that contributes to the company's success and longevity.

1. The Father - The Expert :
The father, father figure and pillar of the company, brings with him decades of experience in the office furniture industry. His expertise, acquired over the years, extends from design to manufacturing and marketing. As founder of the family business, he embodies the core values and vision that have shaped the company's character. His wisdom and leadership guide the team, and his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction inspires all staff.

2. Le Fils - La Relève Innovante :
The son, an energetic and ambitious member of the team, brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. With a modern background in marketing and business sciences, he injects new vitality into the company. His knowledge of market trends, new technologies and contemporary management methods complements his father's traditional expertise. He embodies the company's evolution towards the future, while respecting the family roots.

Collaboration and complementarity:
The collaboration between father and son is based on mutual respect, trust and the complementary nature of their skills. The father shares his in-depth experience and deep understanding of customer needs, while the son injects innovative ideas, modern marketing strategies and an intuitive understanding of emerging trends. Together, they form a team capable of adapting to market changes while preserving the family legacy.

Shared Vision:
The vision shared by father and son is to create quality office furniture that combines functionality, aesthetics and durability. They share a commitment to customer service and satisfaction, which has helped maintain the company's reputation over the generations.

The sustainability of office furniture has become a major concern as companies and consumers seek to adopt more environmentally and socially responsible practices. Sustainability in the context of office furniture can encompass many aspects, including materials used, manufacturing methods, product longevity, recyclability and waste management.

This two-person team, rooted in family ties, embodies the continuity of the company while fostering innovation and growth. Their personal and professional stories weave a captivating tale that adds a human and authentic dimension to the family office furniture company CEKA Belgium.