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            For more than 30 years in Belgium, we have been doing our utmost to adapt your workspace or coworking space to the specific requirements of your business and those of your employees. The layout of the workspace and "The Look and Feel" have become, in recent years, a vital component in performance and fulfilment at work. It contributes to motivation and is considered to be an important element of pleasure at work. Anyone can design and redesign a space, but adapting it to individual needs requires a perfect understanding of office furniture, products and accessories (ergonomics, comfort, quality, mobility, durability) and the needs of each individual. Contact us at:

            ou ceka@cekabelgium.be


            Personalised advice on the right ergonomic task chair

            Plus de 30 ans de conseils en ergonomie au travail

            The best ergonomic advice. CEKA BELGIUM offers a wide range of quality, design and ergonomic products to suit your projects. In addition to our flagship brand of German furniture, we also work with several leading brands of seating and designer furniture.

            These ergonomic chairs are available in our ergo-center at the entrance to Brussels. The chairs in this space are dedicated to customers who demand the quality and comfort of a good work chair: seat height, backrest tilt with synchronous mechanism, Glide-tec or inBalance, adjustable seat depth, seat tilt, lumbar support, backrest height, multi-directional armrests, 3D, 4D, etc...

            You'll find the right chair for you.